Royal Roos B.V. focuses on marine engineering, salvage consultancy and preparation and supervision of demanding repair and modification projects for dredging, offshore and the marine industry in general.

Royal Roos has been established in 2009 in Rotterdam. We now have an office in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Ferrol, Spain.


We work worldwide with an international team of Naval Architects and Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers. Our team has native speakers in various languages amongst Dutch, Spanish and Standard Chinese and all our people have a fluent understanding of the English language.


Royal Roos offers you the best possible services in marine engineering, salvage consultancy and preparation/supervision of demanding repair and modification projects. We provide these services for the dredging, offshore and marine industry in general.


We like to help out our clients at all times, however demanding the job might be.

Our way of working will surprise you

For our engineering Royal Roos uses the following software::

  • FINEā„¢/Marine
  • GHS
  • SolidWorks Premium
  • Octopus Office
  • BricsCad
  • Delftship
  • FEMAP (FEM Package)
  • Pipeflow software
  • Rhino (Bongo, Flamingo and Penguin)

The software we work with

Our clients